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Purchase Acknowledgment Form

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 Thank you so much for your purchase from Nicole Jolie at 

www.sociallysmashing.com or www.nicolejolie.com


You’ve purchased one or some of the following

Monthly Membership or Management and Hosting

A fully customized chatbot, messenger marketing and /or loyalty wallet sales funnel, using 3rd party Saas integrations customized to your business.

Order No.:  Will refer to your client name and invoice number

Refunds:  As noted in terms of service there are no refunds given.  You are responsible for knowing about your purchase.  Our FAQ’s and Terms of Service can be found on this page.

Cancellations:  Billing for monthly hosting is in 3-month increments to give us enough time to build your customized funnel and make any changes.  If you choose to cancel your management and hosting with us you also cancel the right to have an operational chatbot or messenger loyalty wallet hosted using our proprietary software which we’ve used to build your funnel.  

Retention: You may retain this notice by printing and/or archiving this email.

Questions: If you have any questions regarding your account, please contact us at our email address:  Nicole [at] sociallysmashing.com

Nicole Jolie

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Email: Nicole [at] sociallysmashing.com

Telephone: Will be given on invoice when you become a paying client.