In the last 13+ years I've worked with New York Times Bestselling Authors, Amazon Bestselling Authors, CEO's of Gold's Gyms, Speakers, Coaches, Facebook Ads Specialists, Network Marketing Professionals, Coaches, Speakers, and even a #1 Dating Coach.  

I have hung out with Gary Vee, Ted Rubin, Lewis Howes, Nick Unsworth, Simon Sinek and more.
TikTok Growth Specialist Nicole Jolie
Recently I've started a Clubhouse room where I helped multiple entrepreneurs who came into the room asking best practices for selling their story using TikTok and Pinterest.

Here's what Eamonn (pron. AYYY-MON) had to say about the help I gave him.
Not only did I help Joel Comm and Troy Broussard, amazing entrepreneurs, market their businesses, products, and programs, I learned invaluable information from all of them.

I've been in on the VIP days, and some private conversations that have given me a perspective unlike any other online marketer.

So what of the mistakes you ask? I've learned these mistakes have proven invaluable for helping the clients who've hired me so they don't waste time on what NOT to do.
I've also been a featured guest on the #1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs with John Lee Dumas, I'm sure you've listened to the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast on Itunes.

I've Helped A Lot of People...

An impromptu coaching session with Mrs. Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank who said to me,  

"You MUST do your business justice and take your brilliance to the entrepreneurs who really want what you have and stop putting yourself behind these big coaches."  

Made me realize that all of these business owners I'd helped from clothing store owners to, protein shake distributors to Gold's Gym owners get results from their websites, landing pages, checkout carts, emails, Google My Business rankings and more, well that's when,


All the advice I was giving away for free was not just helping random people make a hundreds or even thousands of dollars here and there.

I've caught the attention of major names in the industry.  

I've been a guest speaker at the Austin Bitcoin Conference, I've written a book on blockchain and I've helped a lot of people with their businesses.  

And that's just in the last 4 years.  

And that's when I'd had it with my own excuses.

The information I'd been using & sharing was WAY too good to not be shared with the others who I knew could benefit from what I had to offer.
So I decided to give away a free mentorship call so that people can get similar results for a fraction of what I charge for client consultation & services.
There's a Better Way

I'm Nicole Jolie.  I've helped multiple small business owners to rank on Google, get to the #1 Spot in Amazon in the Business Books Category, and position my clients as #1 in search, maps, and news in addition to pulling up their social media profiles with their Google Ranking.

I'm here to show you there's a better way to rank on Google with the new on-page optimization strategy in effect as of June 2021 with no-nonsense SEO, improved SERP rankings, and a step-by-step on-page optimization strategy for SEO that'll help you rank higher and generate more leads.

If you're in this for the long-term as a business owner and you want to cut out the time you spend on Google Rankings and focus on growing your business! This is for you.

  • I'll teach you how to stop ringing the SEO bell and have Google come knocking on your door by right-sizing your SEO strategy.
  • You'll be able to take full advantage of searches on maps, news and in search so you rank using social media and your on-page query keywords.
  • And I'll show you how you can get more visitors to your social sites...FAST 
BE Socially Smashing
Meet Nicole,
Founder of Be Socially Smashing
  • Helping clients rank at #1 on Google Search
  • ​Ranking authors at #1 on Amazon in the Category of Business
  • ​Attracting over 13.7k followers on TikTok in 5 weeks.
  • Getting clients quick wins on Google search.
  • Helping businesses, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs become number one on Google.
  • Founder of Be Socially Smashing, Radiance Naturally Advanced SkinCare and Scrappy Bags
  • NASM CPT, USAT Coach, 200+ Races, 1986+ 
No clients. Just crickets... 

You thought all you needed was a website, so you had one made...

Nicole Jolie | Be Socially Smashing | Austin TX | Top 1% Digital Marketers

But it's barely getting traffic, clicks or making any sales.  So you keep trying different tips, tricks and hacks and they keep falling way short of your goal.

After you spend months or years on your website or sales funnel, and thousands of dollars, it’s hard to step back and look at it the way Google does. 


I'll share with you how to look at your website, sales funnel or landing page the way Google does, so that you can discover on your own the areas that need work and how to improve those areas.  
  • I'll give you a FREE Customized Google My Business Audit
  • ​I'll give you a FREE 8-point checklist so your URL attracts users who want what you have.
  • I'll give you a FREE Customized Local Business Audit that shows where you rank in your local areas.

* You must have a Google My Business Setup for your free report

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