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Are you a Smart Woman who…

WANTS to learn to trade the financial markets so that you can create a life you’ve always wanted to live?

but you're worried you’ll invest in a course and end up wasting your time and money?


but feel like you may not have an alternative that is good enough?

IS SO STRESSED AND OVERWHELMED WITH making a living that you feel your dream of creating the life you’ve always dreamed of is slipping away

that you are seriously considering giving up on it entirely before you even get started?


Many of the available options that appear to offer easy and fast earning potential are sold as how to make money trading courses and tend to come with a hefty price, tech headaches AND lots partial upsells to control your future potential future earnings.

You become forever dependent on the community hype and find yourself comparing your dismal results to those whiz bang billionaires. You are told it’s for people like you, but come to find your very limited knowledge of how to use the charts or software has become a hindrance and feel defeated when you can’t pull it off like they do.

You find yourself getting a quick fix of adrenalin when you see everyone else’s fortune and the whiz bang billionaire demonstrations of potential earnings, but you come to find you’re limited with what you’re able to do because you’re not a part of the elite club of earners who only share their trading secrets amongst themselves.

The alternative of creating a life worth living is to work 2-3 jobs for the next 25 years and possibly be able to have a couple of years to enjoy it. That may be the right decision from the perspective of your friends and family but the mere thought of having to work that hard and sacrifice so much of your time to do something you don’t like to get something you want, probably makes you want to pull your hair and smash your head or computer screen (or both!) against the wall. Am I right?

Hi! I'm Nicole!

and SMART WOMAN'S BOOTCAMP LEARN TO TRADE LIKE A PRO is based on the trading principles I've learned from professionals with over 40+ years of experience and over 100,000 hours of backtesting their rules, strategies and systems.  I'm sharing this one time opportunity for you to enter the world of professional trading.   

As a serial entrepreneur since my teens, I have been building my own businesses for over 20 years and my own online businesses since 2009. I did not start as a professional trader, market enthusiast or whiz bang billionaire. I have learned how to trade by trial and error, and I would say my results were dismal at best most of the time with one big win that would be offset by the next string of failures. It was only when I met the trading community I am a part of now that I learned how to trade like a professional and realized what a huge source of stress, anxiety and utter fear the markets were for me like they are for so many other Smart Women!

This realization gave me the idea for The Smart Woman's One Day Bootcamp to learn how to trade like a Professional Trader.

My goal was very simple: to create the easiest, most intuitive, most hassle-free, trading instruction that provided professional coaching and live trading seminars that are complete with step-by-step instructions so that the learning to trade process is ready-made with all the right fill-in-the-blank practical systems, rules and journals. A pre-set design so that even a newbie trader can feel the mastery of making their first trades with confidence (and enjoy the process!).

The Smart Woman’s Bootcamp is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just described resonates with you – then I made it for Smart Women just like YOU! 


Nicole Jolie

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