How it works

Our 6-phase process helps get your message to your audience so they stop and say “Wow, I Want That!”

Phase 1 – Buy Your SSMM Funnel

Purchase your messenger marketing funnel and reserve your space so that we get to you FAST!

Phase 2 – Onboarding

Share your business information with us so that we can audit, research and serve at the highest level 

Phase 3 – Assets

Show us your assets, branding, and messaging.  We accumulate and organized so that we present your offers in the Messenger Marketing funnel to sell.

Phase 4 – Build

Building your messenger marketing funnel using the assets provided in Phase 3 is where the magic happens!

Phase 5 – Test

Testing the SSMM funnel so that you have all assets in place, make any last changes and see how your flow looks to your customers.

Phase 6 – Delivery

It’s delivery time! We deliver your SSMM funnel bright, shiny, new and ready to rock!


Throughout the project you’ll receive regular meetings with your account manager to ensure that you’re kept up to date with the design and build process. You’ll also be able to keep in touch with us in a dedicated private Slack channel. 

Our meetings will be video calls using the Zoom conferencing app.


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