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Smart women just like you are learning to successfully execute trades so they profit from their performance using proven practical strategies to confidently create wealth, master their mindset and their money by learning to trade the markets.



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Learn how to trade the markets from the pros

Learn to trade in record time
Learning to trade isn't always easy which is why Smart Women uncovers the secrets to trading wisely using a proven rule based system that has been tested with 1,000s of traders and over 100 thousand hours of trading..
Receive real time LIVE personal coaching
You have the option to be mentored personally each evening by professionals who go over your trades while coaching you on the trading techniques in real time so that you can improve faster.
Master your mind while trading your money
Listen to professional traders as they help guide you to successfully executing the trade so that you profit from your performance.

Smart Trading Practices

Learn 5 best practices for trading and why you must follow them specifically so you profit from your performance.

Smart Trading Rules

The best traders follow rules ruthlessly to achieve maximum profitability this module reveals eye opening secrets to the rules that deliver rewards.

Smart Trading Entries

How to enter the trade and why is one of the most important parts of learning to trade You will discover 3 indicators to enter your trades successfully so you profit from your pefrormance.

Smart Trading Exits

Distinguish good from bad exits so you leverage your trade for the maximum profit potential using a simple 1, 2, 3 exit strategy.

Smart Trading With the Pro

Work on mindset and money as the coach examines your trades in a private professional group coaching session that will encourage you to execute profitably.

Smart Trading Setup

Set your trades up for success to ruthlessly manage your profitability by using the proven setups of smart women traders

Smart Trading Indicators

High-caliber market trading indicators assist you in making decisions with precision so you trade just like the professionals in your private mentorship program.

Smart Trading Rulebook

Track your progress with the exact rules the Smart Women use to help them assess their wins and losses so they lose less and win more.

Smart Trading Journal

Your most precious commodity is the ability to look back at your trades so you are consistent and on track to win more loose less and trade like a professional.

Smart Trading Overview

Recap the most important parts of the course with confidence to move forward to the next level with other Smart Woman just like YOU.
Hi, my name is Nicole
I'm a Smart Woman just like you, using proven practical strategies to successfully execute my trades and confidently master my mind while trading my money.
On my 55th birthday I decided to significantly change my life to live my dream of becoming a full-time professional trader. The transition wasn't simple or easy, but I am now trading full-time and co-authoring a series of Smart Woman's Guide courses to become a professional trader.
These guides are created for Smart Women like you, using the proven practical strategies to successfully execute trades and confidently master your mind while trading your money.
If you've made it this far this message probably speaks to you and you know we all start at the beginning, learning the basics. There's no shame in your game if that’s where you’re at right now because Smart women like you are changing the way they learn and communicate about money and I know this because I’ve met them and had in-depth conversations with them. They are searching for confident courageous conversation that is hype-free and helpful. So we both know you’re here for a reason and you can rest assured you’re in the right place at the right time.
Smart Women just like you are using proven practical strategies to confidently create wealth, master their mindset and their money by learning to trade the markets.  Join us in September 2022 as we uncover the most practical proven strategies to help you trade like a pro!  Click the button below and get on the early bird waitlist.

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