Socially Smashing helps you become the “obvious choice” in your industry so your customers stop and say, “Wow! I need that!“ 

We design customized messenger marketing campaigns that communicates your message to your customers on the biggest 1:1 digital messenger marketing platform in the world with confidence and clarity.

We help you sell more by saying less giving you the ability to laser-target your message where your customer is so they converting from browsers to buyers with less friction while having more fun. 

Watch potential customers to become loyal followers, fans and customers using Messenger; there’s nothing like having people talk about you in ways that make others want to know who you are and what you have that’s so impressive.

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Loyalty Funnel

Customized with loyalty wallet software that tracks every click, sends push notifications, and lives in the wallet on their phone.

Messenger Funnel

Automate your message sequences, answer FAQ’s, get user information and give them a reason to want to keep coming back for more. 

Shopify Funnel

Built to sell using your Messenger and Loyalty wallet.  Powerful sales addition to your online store.  With redemptions, coupons, loyalty points, and more, this is the Holy Grail of sales funnels!


 We build subscription sites on Shopify that combine with your Messenger Marketing Funnel.

Tracking & Analytics

We track it and report it.  Each month we report give you the skinny on how well your offers are doing.   


We manage and host your mobile wallet, push notifications, SMS, new offers and reports.  

We work with clients just like us.


People who think out of the box, who reach outside of their circle of influence to grasp ideas, concepts and consumers.


People who are ready to invest in their business to realize their dream.


People who aren’t afraid to move quickly with new technology and innovations in digital tech.


People who are willing to test out and tweak new strategies to get it right and create long lasting stability.


People who understand that it’s all in the numbers and know that we change direction when the numbers tell us to.


People who are innovators in their niche.


People with big hearts, big ideas and big energy.

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Fearless Leaders

Our team of experts:

Nicole Jolie

Founder of Socially Smashing

I help hard working entrepreneurs and business owners like yourself to market their products and services with forward thinking omni-channel mobile technologies to make a bigger impact in their market by making their brand the choice of their customers knowing it’s the best choice they can make. 

I’ve helped multiple different types of entrepreneurs, written a book called The Smart Woman’s Guide to Blockchain, been a USAT and NASM health and wellness coach, and designed my own line of anti-aging skincare and supplements that sold on Amazon and Shopify.  

My first business started in 1981, a cookie like no other, called Coup de Grace.  Since that time I’ve had the lifelong bug of business and the ever enriching lifestyle of entrepreneurialism biting at my heels.

Take action and explore your opportunities to market your business with my free downloads and discover how I can possibly help you market your business so you can attract your ideal clients and create a business you love that makes an even bigger impact than you’re making now.

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