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Facebook LIVE: Fan Focus December 26 2016

Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2017Facebook Instant Articles First: What are Instant Articles?Instant Articles were built to solve a particular problem—slow loading times on the mobile web.The Facebook-native publishing platform includes a whole host of interactive features that help stories come to life on mobile, including auto-play video and tap-to-zoom image galleries.Josh Roberts, Product […]

andrea vahl

How to Add an Admin to Your Facebook Page

Adding and Changing your Facebook Fan Page Admins Here’s how to add an Admin to your Facebook Page.  Sometimes, you may find that Facebook doesn’t want to work with you.  I highly suggest you clearing your cache before you start on this endeavor because it may get sticky and you definitely don’t want the hassles.  Facebook […]

Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire Interviews Nicole Jolie

Nicole Jolie Laughs Her Way Into Entrepreneurship John Lee Dumas has an excellent podcast on Itunes called Entrepreneur on Fire.  I highly recommend it.  Why?  Because I’m interviewed, that’s why and you get to hear me LAUGH OUT LOUD in my interview that is a lot of fun!  You can listen to it HERE   […]


Engaging Your Customers on Social Meida

How to Engage your Audience using Social Media 83.9% of those people polled asked the same question “How do I engage my customers with engaging content?” There are some small business owners who want someone to ‘just do it’ for them when it comes to social media management.  I can understand why, social media for […]


How much is a social media professional worth to you?

Pretty soon now Y’know I’m gonna make a comeback And like the birds and the bees in the trees It’s a sure-fire smash I’ll speak  To the masses throughout the media And if you got anything to say to me You can say it with cash ‘Cause I got the trash and you got the […]


No More Stupid Posts

No More Stupid Posts The Facebook Facial It’s kinda like getting a Facebook facial, squeezing all the bad stuff like you would erase the typos “no more stupid posts” is what you’ve said before, and now you have the ability to erase those stupid posts!  This is awesome news for those completely out of their […]

Jo Ann Darby The Girlfriend Life

Jo Ann Darby The Girlfriend Life Interview

Welcome to the Socially Smashing Social Media Marketing Telesummit!!  Make sure to leave us a comment below in the comment section and let us know how you liked the interview and what you learned. Also, make sure to connect with us HERE and give us a thumbs up, Like the page, share the love and […]

laura rubinstein social buzz club

Interview with Laura Rubinstein of Social Buzz Club

Laura Rubinstein Social Buzz Club Laura Rubinstein Social Buzz Club President and creator and founder of Transform Today and I sat down to talk Social Media.  In Laura’s words… Over the years the marketing strategies that have always proven fruitful ultimately build strong relationships. Social media has leveled the playing field and exploded the opportunity for business owners […]


Facebook Ad Updates and Sponsored Stories

Facebook Ad Updates On September 10th there is another change to how we advertise on Facebook.  It’s coming.  Get ready!!   I can hear the moans and groans and the resistance to change. Marketers Love Facebook The continuous battle cry of “I hate Facebook” is what people say when they don’t know what they’re doing, […]


The New Facebook Contest Changes

Facebook Changes the Contest Landscape Facebook changed the way we are able to host contests!  Yippeeee! Look!!  Even Will Smith’s family is agape at the decision by Facebook to allow businesses to host contests on their Fan Pages instead of on the once required third party app. Of course, the news isn’t as big as […]

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