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About Nicole

For years I was a USAT Coach and NASM CPT.  I trained a lot of athletes, I helped a lot of people.  I created a process for my training and because of this, I had an exceptional team of athletes who consistently performed in the top of their age groups.  After creating a YouTube channel and some really cool videos of her team in action I was asked by many if I could help them do the same.  This was the beginning of Socially Smashing and a better business model.

About Socially Smashing

Socially Smashing started out as a social media company helping small business owners post their content, create giveaways, sweepstakes, Facebook Fan Page Apps and other lead driven apparatus on social.  What I realized is it's not the lead, it's not the content, it's the process.  

The most successful companies in the world have a process.  The process is built before the people are hired.  The people are hired to work the process.  The process is what runs the business.  The people see to it the process runs effectively.  The most successful companies in the world run on processes.

The Secret Is The Process

The process is your plan. Socially Smashing helps you to create successful plans and processes that you can outsource to anyone.  If you want to onboard a new client,  create a new proposal to advise your clients to do something that is not typically what they'd do, or  brand your client's business with a new look and feel.  You need a process.  Social media posting or creating videos on your behalf, generating content consistently and with the same professional look and feel each and every time you publish is a process.  When you plan the process, the process works for you.

The Process

The Process:  It's like a recipe. I was never one to follow recipes, like a lot of entrepreneurs they pride themselves for being able to adapt to situations and working "on the fly", just a little of this and a little of that.  You can't get away with "on the fly" in your business.  The process is what you need to keep your business cookin' like an excellent recipe.

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What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

Nicole has one of the most fierce work ethics of anyone I've met. She has been through q lot in her life, and as a result has learned to be a fighter and a survivor. Those qualities have her hold relentlessly to what she believes is possible for her clients; in her work with her triathlete clients as well as her social media clients. Nicole was part of the team taking the marketing of my coaching online. We ran into countless unforeseen challenges, from Facebook blocking my domain name, to Facebook changing its ad requirements, to challenges with landing pages. I was so scared that I was spending thousands of dollars I did not have and would end up with an epic fail. Through it all, Nicole worked relentlessly to find solutions. She was always going above and beyond what was her "role" to help make our efforts a success. And I say "ours" intentionally, because that's how she treated my success was her success. I'm happy to report that in the end we were able to overcome the challenges we faced and ended up creating a very successful launch. Nicole was an important part of that foundation. Nicole is very well connected to the best of the best in the industry and dedicates herself to being on top of the latest technologies, strategies and tools. I'm very grateful for the way she invested in the success of my company, and am happy to write this review on her behalf.

Vanessa Horn - Business Coach

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