"If you can't describe what you're doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."  - w. e. deming

Successful, profitable businesses are run with systems that make it impossible to misbehave because people are consistently inconsistent.  If your business runs on you, you don't own a business you own a job and you're working for a lunatic.  


My name is Nicole Jolie and I've worked thousands of hours IN my business not ON it. I was proud of myself for doing everything on my own. Believing that I was super human and that it was just "easier if I did it".  I never wrote down the process, I just "did" it. I was a "doer" in my business.  Not an "owner".  Doing was a badge of honor that I wore proudly that became a disaster because my life, my happiness, my joy, my days, were slipping away from me faster than I imagined.  Then, I lost my business.  I had to make a change.  I started looking at my business as a process.  A system  anyone could implement so that I could LIVE my life. 

Money follows success, success doesn't follow money.  I had to learn to be successful in running my business so that the money would start flowing to me, then it hit me like a ton of bricks.


I decided to turn Socially Smashing into a social media process, instead of a social media company.  Socially Smashing gives you a template system of processes that you use to start building the standard operating procedure for your company. Templates to make the work you do repetitively, like social media posting, easily completed by anyone with the same result each time.   

Are you tired of chasing clients?  Me too.  I got tired of chasing clients spending endless hours on proposals that never went anywhere and became a better business owner, not a do-er.  If you feel the same and want to learn how to Process your Business, not propose your business to the next wanna be client, then this site is dedicated to you. The business owners who want to work ON their business instead of IN their business.  

It's simple.  Create a standard operating procedure for your business that you can hand over to an employee, have them check off the tasks and create the desired result: Profits.

I've shared a free checklist for you, make sure to download it, if you're not ready for a process, and you want to spend this time working IN your business, not ON your business, then at least this FREE Download will make it a bit easier for you. 

Here's what some of my former clients have to say about me...

Joel Comm NY Times Bestselling Author

I discovered Nicole when she asked me to be a guest on her Podcast. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm for helping people and for excelling at her craft. When I needed help creating a Facebook ad campaign, I turned to Nicole. Through her expertise and recommendations, I have a growing fan page and have learned more about how to run my own successful ad campaigns. Nicole is the real deal and she gets my highest recommendation. If you want to be Socially Smashing, give Nicole a call.

Vanessa Horn Business Coach

Nicole has one of the most fierce work ethics of anyone I've met. She has been through q lot in her life, and as a result has learned to be a fighter and a survivor. Those qualities have her hold relentlessly to what she believes is possible for her clients; in her work with her triathlete clients as well as her social media clients. Nicole was part of the team taking the marketing of my coaching online. We ran into countless unforeseen challenges, from Facebook blocking my domain name, to Facebook changing its ad requirements, to challenges with landing pages. I was so scared that I was spending thousands of dollars I did not have and would end up with an epic fail. Through it all, Nicole worked relentlessly to find solutions. She was always going above and beyond what was her "role" to help make our efforts a success. And I say "ours" intentionally, because that's how she treated it...like my success was her success. I'm happy to report that in the end we were able to overcome the challenges we faced and ended up creating a very successful launch. Nicole was an important part of that foundation. Nicole is very well connected to the best of the best in the industry and dedicates herself to being on top of the latest technologies, strategies and tools. I'm very grateful for the way she invested in the success of my company, and am happy to write this review on her behalf.

Guy Ferdman Owner / Satori Prime

I've known Nicole for about 18 months now. We initially met at a live event back in may 2011 in PHX, Arizona. We actually sat next to each other bright-eyed and busy tailed newbies in this very exciting industry. I've had the honor and privilege of watching her adapt, grow and develop herself into an industry leader. The work she is currently doing is something to be modeled. She inspired, motivates team members, while concentrating on cultivating other leaders. Her attitude and smile is infectious and she's become a real powerhouse in an industry that loves leaders 🙂 Rock on girl!

Mark Meloon Impetus Team Leader

I'm consistently blown away by Socially Smashing

I'm consistently impressed and blown away by Socially Smashing and Nicole Jolie. Just last night sh called me out of the blue to give me some great marketing ideas and a fascinating business suggestion. But that's the kind of person Nicole is: extremely knowledgeable and very eager to serve. These are important qualities in any professional you hire, especially if they are representing your business. In a sea of interchangeable social media experts, Nicole stands out in her generosity, her amazing level of commitment to professional development, and her desire to make sure you succeed!

Tom Wiese Self-Employed

I respect your knowledge, passion and sincerity

Nicole, Though I'm not even in the social media ,I must say that your knowledge , passion and sincerity for life are qualities I deeply respect ! Your probing questions show the genuine interest you have in people . These are traits which you posess that make you a born leader ! These traits also make it easy for me to be a huge fan of yours . You are truly a beautiful person , inside and out ! Tom

Socially Smashing helps you become an Influencer by giving you the process to showcase your products and services right from your Facebook Fan Page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.  A Social Media Posting Process that can be implemented by anyone with checklists so that your process is done the same way, each time with the same results with engaging content that is specific to your fans and followers. 

When you start consistently posting on social media and engaging your Facebook fans using the Socially Smashing Posting Process you can attract highly targeted followers.  

Consistently get noticed by the customers who want what you have when you consistently post on your social media accounts.

Join over 50,000 businesses that installed over 75,000 Facebook Fan Page apps that generated over 300,000 leads selling over 1,000 different products and services.  The way of the future is to be as available as possible to your clients on all platforms giving them a reason to want to engage and buy from you.  If you're not making the most of your Facebook Fan Page, maybe it's time you thought about getting a custom done for you Facebook Fan Page App.  Get the process for having your virtual assistant create Facebook Fan Page Apps for your company using the same consistent checklist. 


Why aren't people sharing your content?  Probably because you're not consistent. The Socially Smashing Posting Process shows your virtual assistant or outsourced employees how to find and post content that relates to your specific industry, niche, product or service so that you post relatable content that your fans will share because they find it interesting, humorous, funny, or helpful.  Here are the top reasons people share content on social media.

If you're not engaging with your fans, followers and prospective clients, then why would they engage with you?  If you want their business, you're going to have to find a way to create LASTING relationships with the customers you have while giving them a reason to share your products and services to their friends and family.  The top reason people share content is because they find it interesting.  Are you posting interesting content to your fans and followers? *61% of people worldwide will share interesting things.  *43% of people will share things which they feel are important or funny. *30% indicated they shared content to recommend a product, service or movie.  *29% shared something to support a cause, organization or belief.  *26% shared unique things. *22% wanted to let others know what they're eating, or doing - sharing food pictures are big on social media. 

This data tells the story of effective Facebook marketing for businesses

With 1.18 billion active users visiting each day who spend an average of 50 minutes engaging with ads, pages, people, and posts; Facebook is the #1 social media site to grab your visitor's attention. Showcasing your products to interested people who want to learn about what you have, and who are actively engaging with others is the easiest way to get attention for your products and services. Your business deserves to be seen on the #1 social media site and with the attention of 1.16 billion people, Facebook is where your business deserves to be.

Unless your website is getting this much traffic, you may want to consider expanding your reach using Certified Facebook Fan Page Apps to attract more followers who are looking for exactly what you have to offer while you position yourself as an expert and highly sought after leader in your community with a professional, branded page that provides value.  Use affiliate marketing to promote your product or service on high traffic accounts and social media engagement with posts that keep your customer's attention, enrich, educate and engage them, and keep bringing them back to your offers.

Socially Smashing has a simple and effective Facebook Fan Page App Process that makes it easy to showcase your products and services to customers who want what you have.  Facebook Fan Page Apps help your business by highlighting your sweepstakes, giveaways and promotional product launches, and they are versatile enough to take payments easily.  Here are just some of the things Certified Facebook Fan Page Apps can do for your business.

Mobile Responsive Facebook Fan Page Apps highlight your Giveaways, Sweepstakes & Promos

Sweepstakes are one of the most powerful promotions available today. Instead of giving something away to everyone, you give away one big prize to a randomly selected winner.

Supercharge your Facebook Fan Page by Showcasing your Products & Services 

Clearly display your products and services, for your customers to download, comment, like and share. Let them engage with you!

Payment Gateways Built In to Your Facebook Fan Page

 No confusing funnel buildout with memberships, giveaway software, affiliate programs, or merchant accounts. Just one simple system lets you integrate with 3rd party software, take payments, and manage  sales. Your customers simply login with their Facebook profile.

"Now With over 2 Million Advertisers, Facebook Is Gaining A Foothold With Small Businesses."

~  Adweek

Get Customers

Few things are as important to the success of a website as the customer interaction. With this in mind, your website should match your Facebook Fan Page and it should flow easily so that your customers are able to feel comfortable flowing from your website to your Fan Page simply and effectively without disconnecting them from what they want:  Your Services.

Anywhere at Anytime

Facebook Fan Page Apps are built responsive not only in design, but also in functionality, so that your customers always have the best possible experience no matter what device they use because they are able to  engage with you seamlessly from your website to your Facebook Fan Page without feeling disconnected.

Increase Your Profit

We don’t just build Facebook Fan Page Apps for the sake of building them. They are built for the best possible conversions, by people with years of experience in engaging, converting and selling to audiences online.  Your customers will be happier knowing you have taken the time to make them feel comfortable in the process of getting to know your business.

Promote and sell products and services using your Facebook Fan Page

With a click of a button, you can charge your customers for access to any of your digital content and promotions. This is THE SOLUTION to not only promote, but SELL your products such as videos, PDFs, modules, presentations, and Hangouts. Set up your Promo Page™, enable the PayGate, set your price and start selling today!

Take payments and subscriptions directly on your Facebook Fan Page

No need for membership sites, or bulky website setups.  Send your members directly to Facebook where they are engaging and allow them to become a part of your private coaching programs and private groups.

Advertise to people on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook sending them directly to your offer, your free download, promotion, sweepstakes or giveaway.  Use other forms of social media to increase your reach on your Facebook Page and send those people directly to your Certified Facebook Fan Page App collecting leads using your third party autoresponder.  

Using other social media platforms, including Instagram to help direct your customers to your Facebook Fan Page is essential in your social media marketing efforts.  Instagram opened up advertising in September and shortly thereafter allowed 60-second videos, upping their time by the previous 30-seconds allowed. The photo sharing site is projected to bring in $3.2 billion dollars in revenue in 2016 with 500 million users.  Instagram has customers who want what you have.  

Facebook: The most important social network

Yes, Facebook is the MOST important social media platform for small business marketers by a long shot! When asked to select their most important platform, 55% of small businesses chose Facebook, followed by LinkedIn at 18%. To give you an idea, 67% of small business marketers plan on increasing their Facebook marketing activities, which means that small businesses need a process, a plan and a consistent way of engaging with their fans and followers.  The Socially Smashing Posting Process is your answer to lessening the overwhelm and increasing the fans. 

Open the door to your business and get more targeted followers that convert into loyal customers whether your business is online or a brick and mortar business.  Allow your customers to walk through the front door of your business and look around so that you can meet them on their terms.  Facebook Fan Page Apps increase targeted customers by showcasing beautifully stunning pictures and videos on Instagram and sharing your valuable content. 

A fun fact.  Did you know that Pinterest users spend an average of 98 minutes per month pinning and out of every one pin, there are 6 websites links visited. and there are 50 Million users are on Pinterest and 55% of these average users want to shop when they visit Pinterest.  What this means for your business?  You can advertise to your Pinterest Posse with offers that give them valuable information they can engage with that allows them to get to know you better by sending them directly to your Facebook Fan Page. 

Start Advertising Effectively

  • Done for you Certified Facebook Fan Page Processes that help you build Facebook Fan Page Apps that will 
  • Run your entire business with this system. 
  • Create effective ways for you to speak to your customers directly on Facebook
  • Achieving your best marketing and increase your ROI
  • Processes for promo pages, giveaways, sweepstakes and much more using Certified Facebook Fan Page Technology.
  • For as little as $29 monthly you can get started TODAY!

Start The Process So You Produce Profitable Results


Certified Facebook Fan Page Software

Up to 3 Fan Pages

15 apps/page, 45 total apps

  • Sell your services
  • Showcase your products
  • Collect unlimited leads
  • Engage your customers
  • Build your fan base

$29/mo. or  $297/Yr

30-Day FREE Trial...Add To Cart


Facebook Page Posting Process

The Facebook Fan Page Process

Facebook Approved Technology

  • Collect Verified Emails
  • Showcase Your Product  
  • Share Your Services
  • Build Your List
  • Create Sweepstakes
  • Host Giveaways
  • Pay Gate your Coaching
  • Increase Your Fans



Certified Facebook Fan Page Software

100 Fan Pages

15 apps/page, 1500 total apps

  • Sell your services
  • Showcase your products
  • Collect unlimited leads
  • Engage your customers
  • Build your fan base

$79/mo. or $597/Yr

30-Day FREE Trial...Add To Cart

Consistent Value Driven Posting Keeps Fans Engaged and Interested in Your Business


Daily Posting Process

Intagram Page Process for Social Media Posting

  • Fill up your page with content they want to share, LOVE, and follow
  • Specific to your niche
  • Full pictures
  • Specific copy
  • CTA's that engage
  • Each day is different
  • Each post is different
  • Build your fan base



Social Posting Process

The Process

Facebook Fan Page Process for Social Media Posting

  • Fill up your page with content they want to share, like, and follow
  • Specific to your niche
  • Full pictures
  • Specific copy
  • CTA's that engage
  • Each day is different
  • Each post is different
  • Build your fan base



Daily Posting Process

Pinterest Board Process for Social Media Posting

  • Fill up your page with content they want to pin, and RE-pin again!
  • Specific to your niche
  • Full pictures
  • Specific copy
  • CTA's that engage
  • Each day is different
  • Each post is different
  • Build your fan base